Friday, January 12, 2018

Starting the year off healthy

I think the new year makes everyone stop and thinking about being more healthy. Sometimes it lasts all year (Yay to me for last year) sometimes it does not (most years!). I always like to make all our family Doctor's appointments at the start of the year (or try to anyway). I thought this graphic was super helpful to remind people what appointments they need as they get a little older.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Family Command Center

So if you are like me, and a little Pinterest addicted, I am sure you have seen the many options for "Family Command Centers." When we moved into our house last year, I bought this from Ikea to hang by the door we come in the house all the time. It worked well at first, then became cluttered looking, although it was still good for calendars and notes and such.

After seeing all the "Family Command Centers" and making my chore charts for the girls, I knew we needed to do something a little more. So I mapped out my space with painters tape and got to work!

I knew I wanted to hang the chore charts above a hook for each of the girls to put their bookbags. (Putting them on the bar stools in the kitchen was driving me nuts) So I had Hubby pick up these at Lowe's and I got plan document frames for the chore charts.

I also knew that I wanted to have a "cubby" for each family member to store papers and such to keep them off the counter. Again the paper on the counter = driving me nuts. After TONS of looking, I found this on Amazon:

I loved the shelf at the bottom for the dry erase markers for the chore charts and there was room for us each to have a folder. Arriving in 2 days (thank you Prime!) and I was all set to go.

So here is our final product and I am in LOVE! My counters and stools are clear and EVERYONE is using the system (fingers crossed it keeps up!)

Friday, December 22, 2017

Old Becomes New Again

We love projects in our house, and reusing things, and not throwing away things that can be useful. Can you see where this might be going? My mom was selling the house that I grew up in and we had this table in the basement (for years and years)

My grandfather and his brother hand built the whole thing. It is huge and heavy and been in the family for decades. I did not really have room for it as a table, but I did still need a headboard.

The amazing hubby cut it down to size, stripped all the old stain off, and used the backing to make legs for it.

Then he white (well gray) washed it, after we tried a few colors of paint on the pieces that came off. Finally it was time to bring it in the house and here it is!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Imagine Food Soups and Broths

Trying new products is one of my FAVORITE things to do! So when Influenster sent me some products by Imagine Foods I was excited to see what the line offered. My kids are HUGE soup eaters, strange I know, but they love soup. We try to make a lot of it ourselves because I do not like buying food with things in it I cannot pronounce (or my six year old cannot read). Finding soups that they like and I will buy can be a bit challenging.

So the Imagine Foods lines is a big win in our house.  What is not to love when the products start with real and organic ingredients! Even better our local Wegmans carries these products. That was a side track, back to the products we were sent.

I always like to have chicken broth on hand and this Super Reds sounded amazing to both Hubby and I. I decided to try the chicken broth first. I browned up some chicken and then added the pablano and queso soup, thinned out with the broth to a pan and simmered for about 7 minutes. While the chicken was simmer I cooked the couscous in the broth as well.

This was a super quick and easy dinner (I forgot to snap a picture), but both kids loved it (even my little one who claims she does not like chicken if not in nugget form).

I can't wait to try the Super Reds another night!

**The Imagine Foods products were provided to me free by Influenster to facilitate this review.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Commercial Palm Trees

The generous people at Commercial Palm Trees contacted me right before the holidays to try out some of the great residential products they offer. Talk about having great timing, I was just removing all the annuals from the large pot by the front of our house and trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. (Way to heavy to move anywhere for the winter months). A quick peak around the website and I found this (now sold out):

It comes in a 12 pack so I figured it would be enough to fill my pot. A few weeks later the package arrived, it did not look like a lot in the box..... (I was a little nervous at this point).

But the product looks great so I took the girls outside to put them in the pot. All finished, and I still have extras too!

I love how realistic and festive they look, the best part they are made to be outdoors so they are really surviving well, as winter has finally come to visit us. Check out all the things that the Commercial Palm Trees people have to offer.

***No compensation was received for this post. I received the product to review but all opinions are my own.