Friday, December 8, 2017

Commercial Palm Trees

The generous people at Commercial Palm Trees contacted me right before the holidays to try out some of the great residential products they offer. Talk about having great timing, I was just removing all the annuals from the large pot by the front of our house and trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. (Way to heavy to move anywhere for the winter months). A quick peak around the website and I found this (now sold out):

It comes in a 12 pack so I figured it would be enough to fill my pot. A few weeks later the package arrived, it did not look like a lot in the box..... (I was a little nervous at this point).

But the product looks great so I took the girls outside to put them in the pot. All finished, and I still have extras too!

I love how realistic and festive they look, the best part they are made to be outdoors so they are really surviving well, as winter has finally come to visit us. Check out all the things that the Commercial Palm Trees people have to offer.

***No compensation was received for this post. I received the product to review but all opinions are my own.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday Cards

It's that time of year again! I personally love a good holiday card, and love sending them out. We have a list that just keeps growing over the years and I am sure to update it with new addresses each Fall (Thank you Google Drive for keeping it safe!).

I think designing Holiday cards is always fun and challenging at the same time. The nice folks at shared with me this great article on planning your Christmas card outfits.

Also they shared these fun infographics about how cards differ across the country.

I don't think I have every done a kids only card...

I do think its funny when we get photo cards and the people do not have kids (#momlife)

Well that is not surprising to me!

Thanks to for the fun infographics and be sure to check them out and use Promo Code "SNOW" this weekend to Save 15% off all your Holiday Cards!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Chore Charts

We, and by we I really mean me, decided that we needed to have chore charts at the house. I felt that the girls were not taking on any responsibility and just expected me to do everything for them (can my Mommas out there agree?) So to Pinterest I went, and came up with there:

For my non-reader:

For my reader:

I laminated the charts and we are using dry-erase markers on them to check off the chores.

The idea is they get to check the box each day when they do the activity and on Sunday morning they count the checks and get a quarter for each one. So far we are a few days in and it has been working well. They love helping out and I feel like there is a lot less on my plate.

Any ideas for more chores to add for a almost 4 and 6 year old?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall/Holiday Decorations

Who else LOVES this time of year? I mean all the fun outside activities and the chill (60's here finally) in the air, and pumpkin EVERYTHING!

The girls and I decided to add more decorations to our Fall boxes this year. So we started with new Fall bows. I use wired ribbon, on sale at the craft stores, and this method to make my bows!

 Seriously I am in love with these bows. I think I need more in my life!

Next up was decorations for the cabinets in the kitchen, the girls love putting these up. So I was going to cut things out (again) when I remembered my mother in law has this machine

The girls and I had a ball playing with it. Here is a sample of what we made:

We covered Halloween and Christmas quite well I think!

What are your favorite DIY decorations? I love to add things to our supply!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Menstrual Products Right to Know Act

This is a mission that is important for all women, including daughters who might not even be ready just yet. And while talking about periods can be squeamish for some, there is helpful info to be shared.
Unbelievably, no federal law exists which requires disclosure of ingredients in tampons and pads. This means women are left in the dark about what ingredients they are putting on some of the most sensitive and absorptive tissue on their body.
That’s why Women's Voices for the Earth and Seventh Generation are happy to report that Representative Grace Meng has introduced the Menstrual Products Right to Know Act. And on May 23, women from across the country gathered on Capitol Hill to send Congress a message: It’s time to care about feminine care. Period.

What's the big deal anyway?
Vaginal tissue is very sensitive, which means we should be extra careful about what’s coming into contact with it. The walls of the vagina are filled with numerous blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which allows for direct transfer of chemicals in to the circulatory system. In fact, there is considerable interest in vaginal drug delivery systems because the vagina is such an effective site to transfer drugs directly into the blood without being metabolized first.
One study found that a vaginally applied dose of estradiol (an estrogen proxy) resulted in systemic estradiol levels in the body 10 to 80 times greater compared to the same dose given orally. So, you should really know what the heck is in the products you use around the vagina.
The whole truth.
Right now, some companies tell you a little bit about what’s in their products. While tampon and pad manufacturers aren’t required to disclose ingredients, many do include some basic information on their packages about the ingredients — unless they use fragrance. A ‘fragrance’ in a product can be made up of 50-200 different ingredients, many for which health data simply doesn’t exist. This black box means that you could be exposing your body to fragrance ingredients without even knowing it.
We can do better.
Forward-thinking companies are already doing the right thing for women by voluntarily disclosing the ingredients used in their products. And leaders like Seventh Generation are taking the extra step to advocate for transparency industry-wide by co-sponsoring a rally in May.
Together, on May 23, women concerned about their health stood alongside business leaders and tell Congress that we have the right to know what’s in the products we use so intimately. Congress can do their part by enacting a very simple, common-sense law.

Thanks Generation Good for the Information!