Friday, February 23, 2018

Hello, Hello Fresh

I was sent a coupon code from a friend to try Hello Fresh (PS this link has a discount code too!) and I figured why not. We had been in a little bit of a food rut so why not. I went with the Classic Plan for Two because the meals looked better to us anyway and was excited to pick our first meals.

Veggie Loaded Orzo with Sausage was up first, ingredients laid out

First of all, I love that is comes all in a bag together so you just grab it and go. The meals are shown in about 6 steps so they move pretty fast and you are ready to eat in no time.

Plated and ready to eat (this meal feed Hubby and I dinner and me for lunch the next day)

Next up was Orange and Cashew Chicken Stir Fry, I got my little helper involved in cooking this one.

She loved being able to help me make dinner and even ate this one as well

This was my favorite meal the flavors were on point and so fun.

Finally we had Steak Tagliata, my helper again

The kids ate the arugula salad and sweet potatoes with this one (they are not steak fans...yet....)

Hubby loved the sweet potatoes from this recipe, so easy to do, and it was a nice change of pace for us and the kids.

We have decided to try another week of Hello Fresh because it gave us some fun ideas and was a great experience for the whole family. Any meal suggestions we should try?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Living Room Reno

This will be the year of projects in our house. We have a HUGE project coming up, but wanted to start with a smaller one, mainly to get a bunch of the stuff out of the basement.

This post will be very picture heavy, but we decided to put the built in bar in the living room before we did the basement reno to get a bunch of stuff out of the basement.

Here's goes....we started with prepping the wall, moving an air vent and adding a recess lighting.

Then it was time to paint
And put the beverage centers in place (my favorite part!)

Lower Cabinets in place

Counter top finished and installed and upper cabinets in place

And finally here it is!

I am so happy with who this came out. On to project #2!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Cutting the Cord

Does anyone else feel like changes come in waves around their house? I feel that our house is like that all the time. I feel like things are all status quo or we makes loads of changes, no middle ground at all. When we started renovating our living room (into a bar space, more to come later), the conversation went back to cutting the cord on cable.

This conversation started last fall, when I did all my research and showed the Hubby how much we could save. He did not really buy into, it so we continued on with cable. Fast forward 3 months and we are running new electrical in the living room and talking about putting the tv on the wall. When this conversation comes up, he says we really should look into cutting the cord, it would save on running more cable lines for this project and the big basement renovation that is on the block next.

I am sure you can guess my reaction, but trying to be smart and know that I could get my way, I remember the new tv sitting in a box in the basement.

*** Side note.... there was a brand new smart tv in a box in the basement just waiting for a home. Because on a snowy day in December, when apparently I needed a new car (my lease is not up until March) we got an SUV and a tv because the guy really wanted to sell a car that day.

So I went down stairs to finally look at this tv and see it is Roku equipped already. We plugged the tv in and set it up in the Living Room with a week trial of Sling TV. My Hubby was able to still see all his shows and watch Sports, he was sold (finally!!).

I called the cable company and actually upped our internet speeds and cut the cable off for good and was still saving money.

So there is a little bit of start up cost with cutting the cord, we are going with the Roku and Sling TV  route so we needed a few Roku products to make the switch (1 new tv check!) Our Sling TV sign up gave us this Roku Ultra as a bonus

This went on our main tv in the Family Room, then for the Master Bedroom we went with the cheaper Roku Express, because that would do the job fine for that room.

Finally, I wanted a Roku Streaming Stick to use for the tv that will go in the basement (currently out of the living room and waiting for walls to go up) that could also be used in the Guest Room. I was happy to see at the same time this one was on sale!

We were all set with our  Roku and Sling TV at this point. I will say so far so good. I actually think we are watching less tv and being more intentional about what we do watch, and I am paying less. There is a little start up cost involved with the Roku equipment, but for just over $100 I was set and ready to go.

Any advise on favorite Roku channels we might not have found?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Shaving Tips from Harry's

I will be the first to tell you that I actually buy men's razors because I think they work better, and have you noticed they are cheaper! Harry's razors were created after realizing that people are spending too much money and decided to create high-quality razors and sell them directly to the customer straight from their factor in Germany. I wanted to share with you all the great products you can get from them for the man in your life (or maybe yourself!).

You can check out this page for some awesome starter kits like this one:

Do you know how to get the best shave? Here are some handy tips for both men and women in order to help achieve your skin care goals for 2018:

So I know I need to keep my razors out of the shower now....

Also, you can click here for your FREE trial! Sounds like a great Valentine's Day present for the special man in your life:)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Starting the year off healthy

I think the new year makes everyone stop and thinking about being more healthy. Sometimes it lasts all year (Yay to me for last year) sometimes it does not (most years!). I always like to make all our family Doctor's appointments at the start of the year (or try to anyway). I thought this graphic was super helpful to remind people what appointments they need as they get a little older.